20 Ways to Land High Paying Copywriting Jobs​

20 Ways to Land High Paying Copywriting Jobs

The significant concern that difficulties the majority of people that have decided to jump right into copywriting is, “How do I land high-paying copywriting jobs?”

Sadly, there are no specific means of doing it. What might show beneficial for one copywriter may be difficult for another. The good news is that a few reputable ways can be practical in landing high-paying copywriting jobs.

A growing number of people are working from home nowadays. Also, it’s coming to be the standard for companies to be entirely remote. That indicates there are lucrative remote jobs readily available than ever!

90% of remote workers chose to do so because it offers a much more accessible and adaptable living. Many individuals imagine that you need to be a local business owner to work from home and live that sort of way of living, but it’s not true.

If you ever before dreamt concerning functioning from home and not needing to wear a dumb suit while at a workplace throughout the day, keep reading. Because in this overview, we will show you 20 practical ways to land the high-paying copywriting jobs of your wildest dreams.

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What are high-paying copywriting jobs

The highest paying copywriting jobs, assuming you’re an effective as well as world-class copywriter are:

  • Long-Form Sales Page Copywriter
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Content Copywriter

The amount of money you make in freelance copywriting work will certainly vary hugely depending on your experience level, your determination to assure results, the quantity of service a per-client or per-project basis, and the amount of time you agree to commit to your writing.

A “Six-Figure Copywriter” holds a great deal of the duty for the success of jobs and also campaigns so that it can be a demanding however enjoyable occupation.

The day-to-day jobs of a six-figure copywriter include:

  • Writing, editing, and changing sales copies.
  • Collaborating with other departments to create a more precise copy and find out more about upcoming items, promos, and so on.
  • Test headlines, call to action, and also various other elements.
  • Accumulating sources like market records, testimonials, memoranda, and other papers to study.
  • Interviewing industry members for quotes or to get more information concerning a specific market.
  • Source or create graphics, photos, and illustrations.
  • During this procedure, they may collaborate with a layout team within the firm, benefiting from, promoting, and distributing a copy.
  • Procedure copywriting campaigns to ensure they are reaching KPIs.

Depending on the specific setting and also projects you’ll work with, copywriters will likewise need the comply with abilities:

  • Understanding fundamental copywriting techniques that tempt action and emotional responses.
  • Seo for articles, websites, and similar digital content.
  • Social media marketing needs to advertise the content you produce for a business.
  • Email marketing for generating e-newsletters and also sending them out if required.
  • Conversion rate optimization helps you create copy that produces better outcomes.
  • Time management and the company strike target dates and keep a constant workflow.
  • Interaction to maintain team members and companies day on progression.

If you believe you would certainly make a world-class copywriter, maintain reading because we are going to show you 20 practical ways to land high-paying copywriting jobs!

20 ways to land high-paying copywriting jobs

These are 20 effective ways for landing high-paying copywriting jobs. We’ve used them ourselves in the past, and we know mountains of world-class copywriters that make a great living using these strategies.

1. Job Boards

All the job boards you can visit for professions have freelance, contact, and remote filters that will certainly help you locate work-at-home placements. Occasionally, you may need to dig under the extra essential advertising or write tags; however, a fast check and look can assist.

Below’s a list of several impressive job boards you can begin checking out for your freelance copywriting career. When you obtain your list of work boards, see to it you sign up for e-mail informs. This way, you’ll get copywriting jobs sent out straight to your inbox, which can save you a lot of time.

The following job boards will help you skyrocket your income as well as your way to become a six-figure copywriter and take it to the next level:

2. Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies are a glamorous resource of work, especially when you’re beginning and attempting to build an impressive copywriting portfolio. Reach out to regional advertising and marketing agencies with a letter of introduction, present yourself and share a few of your copywriting experiences (even if it’s minor).

If you’re writing in a particular industry, search for agencies in that specific niche as well. Many agencies charge by the hour, so you can generally get a pretty good rate, even for small jobs.
Some employment agencies in the media and communications markets have units specializing in putting freelancers.

If you are starting and do not have a ready job source, these can be an excellent wager. Yet keep in mind the rates you can anticipate may be lower than those you might get from selling your solutions directly, given that the agencies will undoubtedly take a cut of your fees.

3. Web Design Agencies

While you’re doing your agency outreach, do not forget to look at website design agencies and related companies. Nevertheless, if someone is getting a new website created, they probably require a copy of it. You can give it.

Customarily, start local. Contact agencies and see if they collaborate with copywriters directly on jobs or if they have copywriters to advise clients.

4. Cold Emails

Plenty of people hate sending out these, but cold emails are a lifestyle for six-figure copywriters. If you haven’t decided on a specific niche yet, you can cast a giant net. But make sure you keep a list of anywhere you pitch.

If you do have a niche, be discerning concerning whom you email. You do not intend to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. You wish to make a list of perfect clients and stick to brands inside that area (i.e., you only intend to work with B2B SaaS budgeting devices). After that, send the email about your vital copywriting services.

Keep that list about since it’s going to be worth a great deal for your copywriting career. A cold email is sent to a potential client who does not have an existing connection with you. If you send out a person you have never met an email you found via a publicly offered email address, it is a fantastic email. If you email an influencer, you have never fulfilled requesting responses on an article. It’s cool.

Effective cold emails need to consist of:

  • Your genuine name.
  • Your call details: work title, website, social networks profiles, telephone number, etc
  • Personalized content for the recipient.
  • A particular demand.
  • A conversation starter rather than a request to take fast action.

Successful cold emails are additionally:

  • Usually sent from one local business to an additional, or from one person to a somebody, such as a sales associate, sales manager, journalist, influencer, or editor.
  • And also, they do not constantly have an industrial motive.

Cold email is an individual, personal discussion. It’s like a cold call but much less intrusive and irritating. A cold email resembles sending out an email to a service associate, other than the recipient does not always know you that well, if whatsoever.

You would undoubtedly send out effective cold emails to get guest uploading guidelines from editors, get comments from an influencer, or begin a conversation with a potential customer.

5. Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to find high-paying copywriting jobs as well as goldmines clients. You can do a lot greater than reveal that you’re searching for copy work; you can discover many connections.

Here’s how to do it quickly:

  • Follow and react to several brands and editors and attempt to hop on their radar.
  • You can also comply with vital hiring search phrases, so you’re ready to get on them.
  • Inspect if you have any shared connections who might be able to make an intro for you.
  • Follow various other six-figure copywriters, particularly stand-out ones and others in your particular niche.
  • One promising approach to Twitter, mainly, is creating a list that’s all of the prospective copy customers you can locate there. Then you can scroll and see what everybody is chatting around and enter.

6. Guest Posts

Making that list for cold emails is available in convenient right here also. Take your listing of potential goldmines clients and follow every one of them (plus editors or various world-class copywriters that function there) on social media. See what content they share, particularly if they point out visitor messages or include posts from copywriters.

After that, try to get guest posts on those sites to capture their attention. Then, go and pitch those sites with excellent guest posts that flaunt your understanding of things like sales, persuasion, and conversion. That will get them interested.

7. Networking

With this one, there are a couple of approaches you can take. An effortless way to begin is to look in your area. Go to any neighborhood meetup, business team, or chamber of commerce type occasion. Many locations have some events when a month and even once a week. Present yourself as a professional copywriter and develop your network.

Even if these don’t straight develop into tasks, it’s constantly great to increase your network and refer to you as a willing and able copywriter in your location. You can also assume a little bit more tactically if you have a targeted particular niche.

After that, concentrate on going to events because of a specific place. For instance, a large nationwide or smaller-sized local meeting. There you can truly stand out as one of a handful of six-figure copywriters and also locate potential customers.

We know, we understand. Who intends to meet unfamiliar people?
It’s not one of the most amazing things when you initially begin and it can frequently be aggravating. Still, physical networking is vital for discovering freelance copywriting jobs.

 5-30% of new consumers produce through networking. That means if you aren’t networking, you could be missing out on heaps of clients and job opportunities. We can tell you from our experience that participating in seminars is remarkable as a consultant or company.

We like to head to a few networking events every month, and also, we always fulfill fascinating people. As they claim, your network is your net worth. Not only that, however, we have got plenty of high-paying copywriting jobs, as well. You never know whom you might meet at these locations or whom they might refer to you. Moreover, often they’re not profitable in a business feeling yet you constantly leave with new connections.

8. Collaborate with other copywriters

Too many writers believe other six-figure copywriters are their competitors. The reality is the exact opposite is true far more often. Six-figure copywriters can be your best resource of friendship, support, as well as indeed, customers in business.

Professional Copywriters refer to various other copywriters they know for tasks all the time. Plus, they can pass along the contact information for potential clients and details concerning rates. And also offer a heads up when a setting could be opening.

An additional secret? World-class copywriters are more than happy to share suggestions and red flags on bad clients. It is a long-term play. Yet, getting energetic in some copywriting groups can aid you to construct goodwill over time and assist you in getting better high-paying copywriting jobs and clients in the future.

9. Build A Referral System

So let’s claim you talk with your web designer pal, but they don’t want to produce anything official on the books. You can take half a go back and develop a referral network. That means if the web designer asks if you understand someone who does copy, they involve you and the other way around for their skillset.

With this established, people can make a more formalized incentive agreement. For instance, a 25% referral cost for forced bargains. That means if somebody employs the internet designer for a job and recommends you. The customer uses you based on that referral, and you give your good friend a 25% pointer.

While it may feel like a lot of cash to dish out to your pal, additionally recognize they are conserving you a lot of time advertising and marketing, they’re providing customers right to your front door. And that’s worth something.

The objective of a referral system is everyone seems like they are getting something from it. But you can begin fee-free if you intend to as you enter into it.

One of the most effective ways of securing future work is to make your customer look great before their employers. In practice, this suggests not fouling up:

  • Staying clear of simple punctuation as well as grammar errors,
  • Make sure to keep an eye out for company buzz words of forbidden phrases.
  • Make sure your copy will certainly call all the best bells with its designated target market.

Attempt to guarantee every work fulfills and exceeds your customers’ assumptions and that your solution is perfectly professional every time. It is an uphill struggle, and you are not likely to always get it right. Yet try hard sufficient and also your efforts ought to settle.

10. Copywriter Websites

You can also find potential clients by doing a little bit of stealthy snooping. Take a look at the websites of other six-figure copywriters and see where they’ve done some job. It’s even better if the world-class copywriters remain in your specific niche. But it’s great if they aren’t as well.

Do this, and you’ll going to locate dozens of new brands you have not encountered previously.
You can add those brand names to your listing of places to pitch because you know they’ve collaborated with freelancers in the past.

11. Self Promotion

Don’t fail to remember to act as your own greatest supporter. If you desire people to understand you, after that, you have actually got to place yourself around. The very easy way is to announce it to people and also upload it on social media.

But you can take it an action even more. Do a self-promotion campaign, see if you can hop on podcasts in your particular niche, or even talk at occasions or meetings showing off your knowledge of sales and copy.

12. Start A Blog

The key is to blog about topics that will bring the correct audience to your website, as well. That’s why our blog mostly touches on how to become a six-figure copywriter, how to build a professional portfolio from scratch, and related subjects like 300 Headlines Templates.

It’s also a huge reason why relevant high-paying copywriting leads reach out to us on a regular basis. Keeping an energetic blog is a permanent venture. You have to find quality content, create posts, engage in social media, find ways to obtain your messages seen by a broad target market – the listing goes on.

So if blog writing is a full-time task, why don’t blog owners earn money like it’s one? The answer is easy: you ought to be. Numerous six-figure blog copywriters have found a method to transform their leisure activity into a rewarding way to make great cash, and you can also.

13. Open Your Own Website

You will need to experience the following steps:

  • Discover someplace that will host your site. Use an access provider (ISP) to browse the net. You will probably find they offer a specific quantity of room for personal websites.
  • Get your site built. If you expensive the challenge, you can teach yourself HTML and develop your own.
  • Advertise your site on internet search engines and use web links to various other sites. Digital marketing is an additional, prominent location where a lot has been written.
  • Having a site does not guarantee an immediate listing on online search engines. You can send your website for a listing on each online search engine, although some may try to get you to pay for this. However, also then, there are no warranties your website will be provide.
  • Suppose you are going to shell out for an online search engine listing. In that case, you may be much better off putting the cash into a solution such as Google AdWords, which properly buys you a listing whenever a defined keyword is keyed in, and you pay only when a person clicks with the web link.
  • A better, totally free method of boosting your opportunities of being discovered on the internet is to obtain as several other sites as possible to link to yours.
  • It does without claiming that despite how straightforward or complicated the layout of your website is, the means it is created is critical.

14. Create A Professional Copywriting Portfolio

The purpose of a copywriting portfolio is to provide “evidence” that you can achieve the kind and top quality of work that a client wants when they are thinking about hiring you. We make use of quotations around “evidence” because not only can a portfolio be faked to some extent, however in a lot of cases, but a copywriter’s work is also significantly boosted during the editing and proofreading process, so what the customer can see using the profile isn’t always what you will certainly obtain from the author.

High-paying clients who work with many professional copywriters sometimes know this, so they will be extra curious about seeing an ended-up draft or running the copywriter with a test project rather than just going off the portfolio.

Beyond points, lower-paying clients frequently don’t have the budget to work with world-class copywriters who have glamorous portfolios, so they are open to locating strong copywriters who are early in their job as well as charging lower rates. Which’s why you do not need to have a professional portfolio to start landing high-paying copywriting jobs as a beginner copywriter.

The Ideal Copywriting Portfolio Layout and Structure: Another important aspect of a successful copywriting portfolio is its overall layout and structure. It should have:

  • A home page
  • About me page
  • Contact page
  • Pages detailing each project
  • Services page
  • Testimonials

15. Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Here Are Six Ways to Improve Your Copywriting Skills:

  • Write regularly. When it involves copywriting, the practice makes perfect. So take every possibility to improve your abilities via usage. It can be hard to set on your make-believe tasks, but composing a blog is a terrific way to develop your writing while additionally delighting in the possibility of writing what you desire for an adjustment. That could be something related to copywriting, or it could be simply imaginative writing.
  • Pay attention meticulously. Listen to the way people you learn through everyday use language. Not just online marketers or various other copywriters, but everybody: pals, relatives, kids, colleagues, radio as well as TV presenters, people on the train, and so on…
  • Check out extensively. Your reading ought to be as diverse as your listening. If your partner has a magazine you would certainly never desire for reading, try reading it. Select a book you’ve never reviewed off the rack, and attempt a chapter. If you always check out non-fiction, attempt fiction, or the other way around. If you constantly check out modern-day publications, try something older, or vice versa. Throw on your own into some poetry, romantic fiction, preferred science, or traveling writing– whatever you don’t typically read, try.
  • Criticize others. It implies ‘criticize’ in the purely negative sense- it means ‘be a movie critic of other individuals’ job.’ Take a look at the copy on outdoor promotions, magazines, paper ads, product packaging, direct-mail marketing, and anything else that enters your location.
  • Criticize yourself. It can be hard to obtain sincere feedback from customers, pals, or family members. If you have any connection with someone, they possibly won’t want to harm your feelings by criticizing your copy. So do it yourself by carefully analyzing something you composed a while earlier.
  • Build a swipe documents. Many copywriters keep a ‘swipe data’ of copy they specifically enjoyed or discovered incredibly efficiently. When inspiration runs short, you can going to your swipe declare ideas. Commonly, a swipe data would undoubtedly have been a physical file filled with press cuttings, direct-mail marketing letters, and so on.

16. Friends And Family

Somehow, many people never want to ask their loved ones if they know anyone is hiring. It is almost the easiest thing you can do. And also, it takes around 60 secs.

17. Local Business

Do you like a local company but see their site or ads need a little bit of job? Why not connect and provide your solutions as a professional copywriter! It could be an excellent way, especially as a beginner, to get your way of access and also start developing some copywriting portfolio samples.

It’s flawlessly fine as you begin and relocate into new niches or locations of focus to experiment with this one-off, minor-sized work. At this stage, it’s all about developing experience and copywriting skills.

A tiny job-creating email for your local dental office can equate right into much bigger higher-paying jobs as a professional email copywriter in a particular bookkeeping niche. So think about the long-term and the career. The more you pay attention to copywriting almost everywhere, all kinds of stuff will certainly begin coming to your focus.

18. Online Communities

Do you want to connect with similar copywriters and sensational strategists?
Copywriters, authors, and blogger groups can assist. As a part of those, you can:

  • Learn or inquire about any troubles you’re handling.
  • Look for a connection to expand your company.
  • Interact directly with industry professionals and influencers.
  • Stay on top of sector fads and breaking news.

19. Freelance Marketplaces

Freelance copywriting is an uncertain occupation, given that you never know how much you’re going to earn. Even if you earn six-figure this month, there’s no assurance you’ll make the same quantity the following month. It’s a genuine writing challenge. It can cause a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights.

But fortunately, there are plenty of marketplaces using thousands of freelancing jobs, and all you have to do is pitch them. It can help when you require money or meet a regular monthly revenue objective. So, which are the very best freelance copywriting marketplaces to pitch when you need some fast cash? Let’s discover!

20. Go To Events

With this one, there are a couple of techniques you can take. An easy way to start is to look in your area. Go to any regional meetup, business team, or chamber of commerce type event. Many places have some event when a month or perhaps once a week. Present yourself and also build your network.

Even if these don’t directly become work, it’s always good to increase your network and be called a ready and able copywriter in your area. You can additionally assume a little bit a lot more tactically. If you have a specific niche, focus on going to events in that particular niche. You can stand apart as one of a handful of copywriters and find prospective clients there.


Copywriting is a satisfying and enjoyable job, specifically when you can pursue it from the comfort of your home. A typical day for a six-figure copywriter contains writing copy, investigating, modifying, and working with various other divisions to manage campaigns.

Besides a six-figure salary or lucrative hourly pay, world-class copywriters can likewise obtain profit share and bonuses for their performance. The first place we would certainly recommend looking for remote copywriting jobs is regular job boards with the appropriate filters. The majority will have freelance, agreement, and small choices you can use to locate proper settings.

Next off, sites like “SixFiguresWriters” can guide you to land high-paying copywriting jobs with zero experience. We understand individuals who intentionally operate in new startups every couple of years to develop vast riches purely with equity.

We have additionally recommended that professional copywriters create their very own personal websites, too. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive or enhanced. WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and other website home builder tools will have you up and running within an issue of mins.

Create a professional portfolio, about, contact, and blog page to set the structure. Last but not least, check out LinkedIn since they typically have hundreds of readily available copywriting jobs you can obtain. And also, quit lingering! Beginning using the ideas we showed you today to land high-paying copywriting jobs – It’s not hard 🙂

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