How to Create a Professional Copywriting Portfolio from scratch

How to Create a Professional Copywriting Portfolio from scratch

One of the biggest questions that new copywriters ask us is, “How do I make a professional copywriting portfolio from scratch?” In this step-by-step guide, we’re going to teach you numerous ways to create a professional copywriting portfolio (even if you’ve zero clients).

And more importantly, we’re going to show you where that portfolio should fit into the procedure you use to land high-paying clients.

If you intend to not only build an extraordinary copywriting portfolio but also learn how to use it efficiently in your way to a six-figure copywriter, you’ll love this overview! Let’s dive in.

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What is a professional copywriting portfolio

A professional copywriting portfolio holds your excellent writing as a six-figure copywriter. Your copywriting portfolio demonstrates your copywriting skill in your particular niche topic and flaunts the locations you have composed for. You can host your portfolio on your blog or a portfolio site like Contently or Linkedin.

Why you should have a professional copywriting portfolio

Let’s pretend we’re your potential client. If we asked you to move us off our feet with your finest work in simply 10 minutes, would you be able to do that?

If your answer is no, either because your copywriting portfolio is not exceptional and professional, or worse, you don’t also have one; then you must do something about it asap.

Here are some of the best reasons to have an impressive copywriting portfolio:

  • Read the guest blog’s guidelines
  • Craft your copywriter bio
  • Staying competitive
  • Perfect for job hunting
  • Useful for freelance copywriter

Don't Have Clients Yet? Here's How To Quickly Create Your "Minimum Extraordinary Portfolio"

The purpose of an extraordinary copywriting portfolio is to give “evidence” that you can accomplish the kind and top quality of the job that a client desires when considering hiring you.

We use quotations around “proof” because not just can a portfolio be fabricated somewhat, but in many cases, a copywriter’s job is significantly improved during the modifying process, so what the client can see through the portfolio isn’t necessarily what you’ll receive from the copywriter.

High-paying clients who work with plenty of professional copywriters recognize this, so they’ll undoubtedly be a lot more thinking about seeing a completed draft or running the copywriter through a test job as opposed to just going off the portfolio.

On the other side of things, lower-end clients often don’t have the budget to collaborate with professional copywriters who have remarkable portfolios, so they’re open to finding solid copywriters early in their copywriting career and charging lower rates, which’s why you don’t need to have a portfolio to start landing gigs as a beginner copywriter.

Another thing to bear in mind is that customers do not wish to browse 10+ items of your work. They do not have the moment or the interest. They are just searching for a couple of essential data things, which we’ll cover later in this overview.

We’ve been six-figure copywriters for the last years, and we never send clients to a copywriting portfolio page unless they ask for it. Instead, we send them links to three released instances of our job that we feel are one of the most relevant to their service and the task they want to employ us for.

That’s your objective as a beginner copywriter: develop three examples of your job that you can link a customer to. And Boom! Here’s is your “minimal extraordinary portfolio” ready-to-go.

So if you are a beginner copywriter with zero clients to highlight, all you need to do is create three released pieces of work that you can send to potential customers in your pitching and sales procedure. The easiest way to develop these is to self-publish three blog posts.

If you have a website, release them on your website. If you don’t, create an account on and publish them here, or publish them to your Linkedin account as posts (instead of feeding blog posts).

As soon as you have the short blog posts prepared, release to either Medium or LinkedIn can be performed in 3-5 minutes and will undoubtedly look fantastic visually for sending to customers. Make the topics of the blog posts similar to either the kind of job you wish to provide for the clients you’ll be pitching or the niche of clients you’ll be targeting.

For example, suppose you wished to create marketing copy for a dental office. In that case, you might either self-publish an article on “Bad Breath,” or you can do an article on crafting better marketing copy.

Do that rapidly and also begin pitching. There’s no factor you ever before need to stop and linger based on the high quality of your portfolio. The only method to increase your portfolio is to pitch and close new customers.

What makes a professional copywriting portfolio

When you’re considering a professional copywriting portfolio, you ought to constantly think about who will be the one looking at it.

More than likely, hiring managers or possible high-paying clients, trying to choose between numerous applicants, each with their materials to provide. That implies that they won’t have a great deal of time to spend checking out your website.

Below are the finest four things you must place your focus on when developing a professional portfolio:

  • It has to be easy to browse and also supervise. As you do not have a lot of time for each individual, they need to see at first glance if it deserves entering into the information.
  • Just include your finest work. Go back; it’s essential to choose your very best pieces. Make sure whichever they click, it’s going to blow them away.
  • It needs to reveal your personality. With lots or even numerous candidates to examine, finding imaginative ways to make your portfolio “speak for itself,”
    displaying your character is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.
  • Do not ignore the additionals. Yes, the essential part of your portfolio is showcasing your most acceptable tasks– however, it does not end there. Have any of your jobs won awards? Include them! CVs and also cover letters seem like a thing of the past? Not! Particularly if you’re beginning, a solid, and determining cover letter, can transform it all about for you.

The Perfect Copywriting Portfolio Layout and Structure

Another vital element of a successful copywriting portfolio is its total design and structure. It must have:

  • Homepage
  • About us page
  • Contact page
  • Projects and case studies
  • Services page
  • Testimonials
The portfolio homepage

There are some pages you have to carry your portfolio website. Probably the most obvious one is the homepage. That’s where all your site visitors land and get their impressions. So it’s essential to make it not just aesthetically enticing yet additionally very easy to navigate.

Your homepage should have:

  • Your info. It’s great to include a photo on your own and a short bio,
    so the visitors can promptly get a concept of who you are and what you do.
  • Social media links. They might want to inspect you on various other platforms if your website interests them. Why not make it less complicated and consist of icons that link to your accounts?
  • Your CV. Customers and also hiring managers like to see your history. However, it wouldn’t be a great idea to clutter up your house and even the about us page with that said. Instead, include a link to your CV, so they can quickly download it and see whatever they would like to know.
  • Your best tasks. Even if you do not feature all of your projects on your homepage, we suggest you include at the very least 3-5 of them. With huge, fine-looking thumbnails, the visitors will not be able to stand up to clicking to learn extra.
  • Brands you collaborated with. If you could collaborate with some big names, it’d be an excellent suggestion to include their logo designs. It shows authority and also trustworthiness in the direction of the audience. Besides, if those firms chose to collaborate with you, why should they not?
Contact page

One more non-negotiable is the contact page. Imagine this. You have an outstanding copywriting portfolio, and the customer is wowed. They can not wait to collaborate with you.

However, there’s no contact page, and also they have no clue how to connect with you. Despite how much they liked your job, you lost them right there. So make sure you include a simple but effective contact us and make it easy to discover.

About us page

Once you have these three established, do not ignore your “About Us” page either. Even if you have a picture and also short biography on your page (which you should!), it’s excellent to have a separate page with more information.

You do not want to mess up your page by composing way too much about it on your own, but that does not suggest site visitors would not like to learn more about you better. It’s a perfect area to show your personality, to give them a glimpse right into who’s behind all of this remarkable work they see on the website.

Projects and case studies

It’s the homepage that helps visitors decide if they intend even to remain and see even more of your job. Yet it’s the projects or case studies themselves that will certainly identify whether they wish to deal with you.

It would help if you saw to it that each project is:
Plainly and quickly describe the business objectives, your process, and your approach
Visually appealing with pictures and video clips of the completed item
Offers credit, where credit history is due (to freelancers you collaborated with).

The goal of including the jobs in your professional copywriting portfolio is to reveal the ended up results for every, preferably in context, and likewise how it addressed an organization issue. People also like to see your thinking and believe the process behind it. Yet remember that they will not have hrs to check out pages and pages of information.

Service Page

Apart from these, some pages feel more about consultants and are less relevant for internal copywriters. One such page that’s great to include is a services page.

Copywriters are often either focused on a particular niche, or the contrary, do various other sorts of writings, too, such as SEO content or UX writing. The services page is an excellent area for informing what kind of work you can be booked for and even specify your rates if you wish to.
It deserves to include endorsements from previous customers as well.

As you read the evaluations of a dining establishment or resort before you go, you’d possibly work with a person more confidently if you see favorable endorsements of their work. These are the pages individuals will intend to see if they are considering employing you for a job, looking for even more info on the business side of your job.

Different formats of copywriting you can include

When you sit down to select projects for your copywriting portfolio, think of the different layouts you can include. As a general rule, unless you’re focusing on one particular design, it’s excellent to fit a wide variety of them. In this manner, you can show the viewer that you have the skills and know-how to finish a series of various tasks.

The most usual sorts of copywriting tasks are:

  • Website Copywriting, such as landing pages and also sales pages
  • Email marketing copywriting
  • On advertisement copy, e.g. Facebook ads or Instagram ads
  • Social media stories and posts
  • Print ads
  • TV commercials and videos
  • Radio spots and podcasts

If you’ve got a particular client or brand in mind, you need to inspect what formats they usually collaborate with. If you’re attempting to land a job with a brand name that frequently markets in magazines, compose copy for magazine ads! Or similarly, if they’re very energetic on social media, reveal that you can create exciting posts utilizing their brand voice. You obtain the essence.

How to choose which copywriting examples to consist of?

It can be a battle for six-figure copywriters with years of experience to select which samples to add to their impressive copywriting portfolio.

If you’re encountering this problem, think about the following when choosing your projects:

  • The customers have limited time. It means you should limit the number of jobs you include and also pick the best ones.
  • Do you have a niche, or are you a flexible copywriter? If there are multiple locations you can and also such as to write in, make sure to include a nice variety of topics to show that. Yet if you are specialized in one particular niche, visitors ought to see that initial glimpse also.
  • Have any one of your jobs won awards? In marketing and the copywriting globe, honors imply a great deal. So if any one of your tasks won awards, you ought to include them, clearly showing the prize (s) on the job pages.
  • Have you worked with well-known brand names? Although you can have super interesting jobs with imaginative options benefiting smaller brands, having big names among your clients still brings an excellent weight. So if you do, consist of those projects on your page.
  • Any enthusiasm jobs that show your personality? Creative directors and Human Resources managers informed us throughout meetings that they like to see some character in copywriting portfolios. So if you have a job that’s near and dear to your heart, and points you towards your desires, include it!

After considering these five facets, you will have the ability to conveniently select the tasks deserving of remaining in your copywriting portfolio. Yet if you have an incredibly vast selection of outstanding samples of various formats and particular niches, consider developing numerous portfolios.

The design and structure can be the same, yet tailor it to the details or sector. By doing this, you won’t have to exclude any outstanding items. And when you’re pitching to a customer or looking for a job, pick and send out the more suitable one.

Where to host your impressive copywriting portfolio​

Currently, you recognize how to develop a glamorous copywriter portfolio: what pages you require, what sort of tasks to include, and more invaluable information. However, how do you put it to practice and build that badass profile? Allow’s go into more details on that.

There are multiple methods to approach this and lots of platforms to organize your portfolio, such as:

  • Choosing a solid social media platform. Some platforms like Facebook are hefty on visuals, therefore, better for designers or digital photographers. You might still consider one like Instagram that provides you a lot more flexibility with words and posting data. However, bear in mind that you can not customize the page itself, so it will certainly never be one-of-a-kind for you.
  • Gathering your tasks on Google Drive. You can develop a Google Drive folder and upload your papers there to show to possible clients and supervisors. It’s free and easy to upload. However, it might be frustrating and not an aesthetically appealing presentation.
  • Build a corporate website. Developing a corporate website from square one for your portfolio seems fantastic, yet there’s a drawback. You’ll either need to know how to code or agree to pay hundreds or perhaps thousands of bucks for a designer to do it for you. And then, we have not even begun developing the style and visuals for it.

How to Build a Professional Copywriting Portfolio

Looking for a brilliant way to skyrocket your copywriting career?
Land high-paying clients, as well as life-changing copywriting jobs, attractive you?

Below’s what you require to understand to produce a seductive portfolio (like a REAL World-Class Copywriter) and show off your powerful abilities to possible clients.

The Power Of Knowledge
The best thing you can do is learn them. Enroll in a copywriting training course, not just will you learn beneficial abilities from outstanding, skilled, six-figure copywriters, yet you’ll also generate a body of copywriting examples that have been fine-tuned to incomplete excellence.

The most effective bit is that these examples can be added to your portfolio and showcased to future clients. There are a ton of great courses that can be finished in your very own time, and you’ll be coached by experienced copywriters who recognize their stuff.

Sign Up To A Practical Copywriting Program
Great copywriting courses don’t just show you the proper techniques and show you the most compelling themes; they also help you WRITE real copy to make sure that you win crucial possessions and samples that you can, after that, include in your portfolio.

Even if it’s not something you were paid to do, you’ll intend to be clear in your profile that these writing assets were from a program. The important thing your possible customer’s respect is your capacity to hook, connect, involve, and force them with your copy.

Reach Out to Buddies.
This tip is an oldie but a goodie. Many of us recognize a minimum of one person who possesses a company. Hit them up, and offer to update their website, compose a sales brochure, or throw together a fast ad-free of charge.

They’ll appreciate the support, and you’ll acquire experience, one more example piece, and maybe even a few references. Plus, family and friends tend to compensate for a task well done so that this alternative may finish your initial paid job.

Only Include Your Ideal Work.
It is essential to choose your absolute best pieces. See to it whichever they click. It’s going to blow them away.

Create specification ads.
Specification ads are advertisements that you create without being appointed to do so. It’s a terrific means to demonstrate your copywriting expertise before getting employed or picking up some clients.

You do need to create them with a designer, but that’s a crucial component. Also: they demonstrate that you recognize how to collaborate with a style companion.

Discover small business customers.
When you’re just starting, local business clients are, hands down, the most effective very first clients. Scope out small businesses, particularly those you have some experience with or in.

Small physical companies are beneficial for you at this early stage in your knowledge because it’s very likely you’ll know more than they do regarding copywriting and advertising. Therefore, you can supply a good deal of value.

Start dealing with solopreneurs.
Solopreneurs are one-person services that are often entirely web-based. It means that you have an entire pool of possible customers throughout the globe. You can help them with their websites, of course. However, you can likewise help them with the marketing funnels that impact their services.


The more varied your professional copywriting portfolio is, the more powerful it is likely to be. It, indeed, indicates it’s going to be more enticing.

It’s an excellent method to show the possible company that you’re (Six-Figure Copywriter) a step ahead of other “Low-Cost” copywriters because you have the call for expertise and the experience they desire.

Are you ready to unleash your full potential and become a World-Class Copywriter?

Wake up. Today’s your day. Unleash your full potential!

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