How to become a six-figure copywriter

How to become a six-figure copywriter

Do you want to become a six-figure copywriter? Be your boss, work from all over, and build your copywriting empire? It’s not just workable; it’s incredibly possible!

We have done it since 2017, so we understand what you are experiencing. And also wish to assist you in accomplishing the very same point. Copywriting is a high-income skill that can generate six-figure income quickly and effortlessly.

Business owners, freelancers, companies, web developers, and marketers are hiring professional copywriters like crazy! You don’t even need formal education or a specific certificate to become a world-class copywriter. You could take an invaluable copywriting course or keep reading this comprehensive guide.

Are you ready to become a six-figure copywriter? Let’s get started!

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What is Copywriting

Copywriting is specified somewhat correctly on Wikipedia as writing a message for advertising or other forms of marketing. The written content that aims to persuade an individual or group to take a particular action is called the ‘copy.’

Copywriting is persuasion in writing and sells in print. Copywriting is the skill (and the field of work) of composing sales promos and various other marketing content for items, solutions, fundraising projects, and a lot more.

The factor is to persuade individuals to take action, whether it’s acquiring something, getting in an e-mail address, donating cash, or clicking a button. Copywriters confirm that composed words can have the power and influence to convince people to take a specific action, such as getting something.

It suggests that no sales call or in-person conference is often needed.
When it comes to marketing your company, copywriting is a vital ability to have.

Copywriting can take a wide variety of forms:

  • Landing pages
  • Headlines
  • Product descriptions
  • Lead magnets
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Video scripts
  • Advertising Websites
  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • White papers

Why you should learn how to become a six-figure copywriter

The answer to this is, in fact, straightforward. Brands desire people to buy stuff, and using persuasive copywriting is the best way to help make that happen. Even if you’re doing something as easy as writing a killer blog headline, the clearer your copy, the quicker you’re going to be a six-figure copywriter.

You can apply copywriting abilities to anything you write, from e-mails to a customer to blog posts and much more. The far better and extra convincing of a copywriter you are, the more opportunities you’re going to have for your lucrative copywriting career.

Here are five reasons why copywriting is the BEST job in the world:

  • It’s Timeless
  • Location Work Freedom
  • Every Business Needs It
  • High-Income Skill
  • It’s a Valuable Skill For Anyone

Is copywriting right for you?

A great deal of newbie writers gets sucked in by the allure of copywriting.
It’s generally considered the most profitable form of freelance composing work, so usually, there’s going to be a need there.

But the reality is lots of people aren’t know to do it. It’s not as essential as just having the ability to create using huge words. You need to know how to market & sell. You need to understand the wants and needs of a particular audience and, after that, genuinely be able to sell them on the benefits they’d get from taking the action you want.

We have some concerns for you:

  • Do you want to become a world-class copywriter?
  • Do you want to earn a six-figure income, living while functioning online and being your very own boss?
  • Do you want to be complementary to work from anywhere and at any time?
  • Do you want to have a fulfilling occupation and live a life of childish liberty?

Awesome. Then copywriting may be up your career!

3 ways to get work as a copywriter

There are three main routes most people take for most copywriters to find jobs and customers.

Work for a company as a copywriter.
In this case, you will be utilized full-time for one company and write copy for them. A great deal of times, this is called ‘working in-house.’

Before you boo, hey, we don’t want 9-5 work around here, hold up. Operating in copywriting for a business is an excellent method to find out how to be a copywriter. You can find out the ropes promptly and do jobs with a few of the big brand names in your particular niche.

It additionally helps to have an advisor or an employer who can provide you with a great deal of face-to-face copywriting guidance. Plus, the secure income does not harm!

Do not stress; there are many opportunities to work remotely today, so you do not need to be in a workplace if you don’t wish to. Yet, you don’t need to discount this as an alternative.

Work with an agency as a copywriter.
It is a prevalent path for a lot of copywriters to get going. You get in touch with a marketing company (sending proposals is the best way to do it), and they’ll certainly send out customers your method. This path, of course, has some positives & negatives.

The big positives are that you do not have to hunt for new clients continuously. The agency does all the hefty lifting when it comes to the marketing side of points; you are required to focus on creating “Persuasive copy.”

The agency will likewise work as a go-between for you. Usually, the individual you’re working with on the company side will undoubtedly evaluate your work and offer you some tips and suggestions on transforming things or making them better. So you can still obtain a knowing experience in this way also.

The disadvantages are that you will likely make money more minor than you would if you connected with the customer directly. Plenty of agencies also concentrate on paying by the hour, so if you’re a valuable copywriter, as an example, you might lose out.

However, for copywriters getting going, it’s an excellent idea to at the very least sign in with a couple of local marketing companies and see how the procedure works.

Are you looking for lucrative agencies? Well, you can begin with Google. Just look for a “marketing agency” + your area. Because there are hundreds of companies on this listing, it’s going to take you a while before you go out.

Work as a freelance copywriter.
As a freelance copywriter, you work on your own. That implies you’re responsible for everything: the marketing and client sides of your copywriting business. If you’re going to go this course (with a little bit of agency copywriting sprinkled in possibly), it’s an excellent concept to think of what you intend to do in terms of a specific niche.

It was discussed in the past. However, it’s worth debating once more. Many six-figure copywriters have been successful by specifying one particular niche and taking a look at things with several lenses. That consists of what sort of copywriter you intend to be and what specific place you intend to concentrate in. Consider it similar to this.

As a world-class copywriter, you will certainly:

  • Compose e-mail copy for eCommerce brands
  • Produce social media advertisements for fashion brands
  • Create video sales scripts for new businesses

When most brands seek a copywriter to deal with, they have something specific in mind that they want, and it’s even better if the individual who can supply that works within that sector.

  • Joanna Wiebe owns “Copy Hacker” and puts all her emphasis on being a “conversion copywriter.”
  • Dan Lok is known as “King Of Closing.”
  • Tal Swisa is a world-class copywriter who runs a project called “how to become a six-figure copywriter.” He’s the best individual when it concerns creating powerful and engaging studies.

You are beginning to see precisely how niches matter? Additionally, consider industries also. It’s never a negative suggestion to start with, what you know because so much of stunning copy is tied to hitting psychological feedbacks.

For example, if you enjoy angling, you possibly currently know what keywords or feelings are causes that obtain you want to purchase a new deal. Use those abilities and apply them to your copywriting profession.

When you’re able to lock on to both a particular niche and a market, you’re going to be in a genuinely perfect setting for success (keep reading for much more on that specific).

How much can copywriters earn

Another substantial reason people become world-class copywriters? The Massic Money Potential. A six-figure copywriter can have a lot more work than they might ever before manage. That’s precisely how in-demand copywriters are.

Many copywriters can make six figures on a restricted timetable, where they pick and choose which tasks they want to deal with. When you’re making money $5,000 or $10,000 a pop for a project, you do not have to take on more than a couple of months to obtain the lifestyle you desire.

It seems like living the dream, right? Before you jump to the fresh water in your preferred tropical island, allow’s consider what you can anticipate (on average) to gain in each of the working situations described above.

1. In-House Copywriter Income
There are very minimal possibilities for advancement in companies and agencies. Still, some individuals will inevitably climb through the ranks, ending up at the top with phenomenal salaries or collaboration cuts and spending their entire careers in one area.

If that’s what you want, you require to be among the following:

  • Insanely attached and a pro at playing politics.
  • Very person and f ** king fortunate
  • Extremely talented and a significant entertainer

For most individuals in any professional job, these alternatives aren’t sufficient. The 2-5 year mark is the expected change right into a higher paying internal placement. Working as an in-house copywriter for a non-agency is where you will indeed either find out how to get legit, long-term outcomes for a business or find out how to coast your way with the rest of your career.

The benefits can include:

  • Competitive mid-career incomes
  • Getting to focus 100% of your focus and energy on one business
  • Being part of a group invested in achieving long-lasting growth
  • Resources to try out new techniques and strategies
  • Advanced data tracking and also analytics
  • Fairly clear promotion tracks

It is where you can really specify and also launch your desired job. In-house copywriters can frequently relocate into marketing director settings and beyond.

Suppose you become part of a team that drives long-term growth for a company. In that case, you will remain in a superb position to field financially rewarding offers from other businesses or start and grow your very own service. Those are the upsides, and most only relate to expanding companies.

The disadvantages might consist of:

  • Managers that don’t understand copywriting or advertising and marketing
  • Restricted sources and also strict limitations
  • Discouraging office politics
  • Little upward mobility in stationary services
  • Being among the first layoffs when things go bad

The fact of the 21st Century is that you’ll usually require to change firms to get a significant pay raise. Company-to-employee commitment is non-existent. You could obtain a promotion or 2, however seldom will it be something considerable adequate ahead with a big-time pay raising. And also, you will be dropped or replaced the minute the firm feels it benefits their profits to do so.

That said, if your desired job is being a marketing director, this is where that takes place. Or, if you want a long-term, stable income at a competitive price, an in-house position is your best bet at achieving that.

How much do in-house copywriters make?
The average in-house wage for a younger copywriter is $49,000 (approximately). The typical internal salary for a senior copywriter is $85,000 (approximately). Once more, somewhat more significant than a firm on the frontend and also slightly less on the backend.

2. Agency Copywriter Income
Marketing, advertising, and various other creative agencies are generally terrific places to network and find out however horrible locations to attempt and build a career.

On the plus side, you can anticipate:

  • Affordable beginning wages
  • Experience working with venture brand names
  • Decent to superior on-the-job training
  • Opportunities to gain from market experts
  • Remarkable networking possibilities

It is all presuming you are benefiting an affordable, effective agency. There are countless firms, and many of them won’t use any of these advantages while preserving all the downsides of working at a company.

And also talking the drawbacks, you can expect:

  • To receive little (if any) credit score for anything you create
  • To manage established workplace politics
  • To have a couple of (if any kind of) opportunities for development
  • To be regularly overworked
  • To function primarily on monotonous jobs

Primarily. all the grit you would certainly intend to prevent in a long-lasting job track. There will undoubtedly be anecdotes of people with excellent, long-term company experiences. Yet, if you join an agency expecting the very best years of your life, you’re going to suffer.

Ok, so how much does an agency copywriter make? We experienced almost 500+ page listings on Glassdoor and manually separated agencies from non-agencies to bring you the complying with relevant information:

  • The average agency income for a junior copywriter is $47,000 (approximately).
  • The average agency salary for a senior copywriter is $88,000 (approximately)

Companies tend to pay a little bit much less on the front end and a little bit extra on the back end, which is because they are staffed primarily by the young skill with a couple of staff members staying on long enough to get to senior levels.

3. Freelance Copywriter Income
We directly recognize numerous six-figure copywriters, so it’s not all that rare. But, some new copywriters make $30,000 a year while still functioning full-time work and doing copywriting as a side hustle.

The variety can work out upwards of $100,000 and $300,000 for professional freelance copywriters, and several of the significant pros can make in the millions. Crazy, right?

So, even if you’re starting and have a flair as a respectable copywriter, you have a ton of possibilities. And the even more job you take into sharpening your copy and learning a bit of the psychology of individuals and why they get, the far better off you’re going to be.

Today, anyone can introduce their profession as a professional freelance copywriter, essentially from square one. If you can make a sale, you can be a freelance copywriter. You’ll require to craft your basic copywriting skills to make any significant quantity of money; however, if you can convince a person to pay you for writing, you have ended up being a world-class freelance copywriter, regardless of your actual skill level.

Freelancing includes some one-of-a-kind benefits:

  • Offer yourself a raising whenever you wish.
  • Determine what you service and that you deal with.
  • Take your profession in any direction at will Incur very few expenses.
  • Be your boss
  • Determine your very own schedule

Freelancing supplies the most advantages for the least amount of job. Land customers. Do the work. Make money. Repeat. It’s a straightforward company version. There has never been a better time to be a freelance copywriter with the ever-growing percent of jobs allotted to contract hires. But naturally, freelancing isn’t free.

There are some significant drawbacks:

  • Revenue can be unpredictable and also unforeseeable.
  • Need to pay self-employment tax obligation
  • Calls for considerable self-control and self-management
  • Characters will undoubtedly battle functioning alone.
  • Every part of business relies on you.
  • Essentially all finding out & development has to be self-driven

If you’ve never invested a year or more freelancing, much of these downsides possibly seem like trifles, but the truth is that there are some rather huge drawbacks right here. Among the most underappreciated aspects of entry-level work is a large amount of education and
learning, and experience you are exposed to in a reasonably short quantity of time.

You are earning money to be trained. As you continue along your career course, you will regularly be rubbing shoulders with more experienced individuals than you. As a freelancer, you are on your very own. Ideally, you will create a network of composing professionals and obtain some points here and there, yet 90% of your understanding and development gets on you. That draws.

Since this can all be offset and some by just making extra, it’s not a drawback for expert consultants. However, it can most definitely shock the system for new freelancers transitioning out of full-time employment.

Freelancing comes down to sales. Can you market yourself, and after that, can you sell other individuals’ stuff via the copy you create? If you can do both of those things, it’s going to be an absolute homerun for you.
If you can’t, it’s going to be a fundamental problem.

It’s tough to obtain a precise continue reading of how many freelance copywriters make typically. Many reports are old and have a relatively little example dimension. Newer reports lump in part-time copywriters and other types of freelance writers, many of whom earn substantially less than full-time copywriters.

The 9 types of Copywriting:

  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • Brand Copywriting
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Public Relations Copywriting
  • Thought Leadership Copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting

How to become a six-figure copywriter step-by-step

Since we have covered the fundamentals, let’s dive into becoming a six-figure copywriter. Do you require formal education and learning? A Bachelor’s level? A high school diploma or certificate of some sort?
These concerns constantly make us smile.

To some degree, copywriters are like the pirates of marketing and the sales market. They dislike the “hierarchy,” typically go away for months or years each time, and also are attracted to opportunities greater than anything else. To put it simply, the suggestion of a degree in copywriting has to do with as silly as a school for pirates. There are reasons world-class copywriters make a lot.

Entrepreneurs do not simply awaken and say, “Tal, I want to provide you $30,000 today, just for the hell of it!” If they pay you $30,000, they probably expect to make $100,000 or more from the campaign. And you’re expected to make that take place. Or else.

Being a six-figure copywriter is like being a professional Olympic athlete. You’re expected to do. It additionally takes years of training and technique to be able to do at that level.

Here are the steps to becoming a six-figure copywriter.

1. Learn the basics of persuasive from books
One of the essential inquiries you need to answer is: How dedicated are you to being a world-class copywriter? Yes, it’s a great career, but only if you genuinely enjoy it, and also, it’s impossible to recognize without initial dipping your toe in the water.

That’s why we think everybody ought to start by reading a glamorous copywriting ebook. If you appreciate it, continue the course, but if it’s a slog, you can stop and do something that’s a far better fit for you. Worst case situation, you’ll become a better copywriter 🙂

2. Pricing your copywriting service
Fair yet rewarding is what we constantly aim for with any new rate.
We desire the client to seem like they’re obtaining a great deal. However, we also need to make adequate cash to keep dealing with the business.

If one side of that formula isn’t working, the whole thing will undoubtedly collapse. There are a lot of really complicated strategies to figuring out your prices. A lot of which will certainly have you running in circles.

3. Create an impressive copywriting portfolio
The globe of copywriting has plenty of advantages. From flexible remote working, let’s be honest here, some pretty informal ‘workwear,’ there are great deals to enjoy.

However, when it concerns landing work, a lot of us merely do not have the very same face-to-face chances to impress as we would in a different typical career. We rely upon our contacting do the talking.

Whether you’re a fresh new face or an old-timer wanting to up your video game, an impressive copywriting portfolio is a vital tool in any copywriter’s client-winning collection. Gladly, you do not need years of copywriting experience or a degree in graphic design to produce a remarkable portfolio that wins your work.

A little bit of time, some practical software program, and also the same care you’d give any writing work will certainly do it.

4. Land Your First Paying Clients
Notice we didn’t say “high paying clients.” You are seeking anybody that will undoubtedly flash a $30 at you in exchange for a copy.
“But Tal, I’m an extremely talented copywriter, and I deserve to be relatively made up.” No, you don’t. You are terrible at copywriting.
Your copy is essentially useless garbage.

If you are a top 5% all-natural talent, your copy will undoubtedly continue to be rubbish for the next month. If you are a world-class copywriter, your copy will remain garbage for the next three months. And think what?
That’s all right!

Individuals paying $30, $100, $500, etc., for copy are asking to obtain essentially useless rubbish. It’s a perfect fit! If you intend to become a six-figure copywriter, you need to grind. Legitimately great. At copywriting as quick as feasible. That comes from doing and finding out, not from angling for higher paying customers.

5. Optimize Your Copywriting Business
You have talked with customers, closed sales, gathered settlements, delivered projects, modified projects, understood you needed extra details than you asked for, hit due dates, missed target dates, had clients applaud you effusively, had clients yell at you even more effusively.
You’ve existed, done that.

Now it’s time to use all that experience to map out your freelancing process and begin being deliberate concerning whatever you do.

Right here’s what you need to draw up:

  • How and when you deliver work
  • How you generate leads
  • How you work with the client
  • How you accumulate repayment
  • How do you get the required task information
  • How you evaluate the success of the job
  • How do you close sales

Since you have mapped out your procedure and issues, you can start refining your process, both in the short term and long term.

6. Build Sales Funnel and Monthly Recurring Leads
A sales funnel a graphic representation of the sales stages a client goes through when buying a product. This idea is based on the idea that all customers are led through basically the same phases when purchasing.

The first step of the traditional sales funnel is the understanding stage. At the same time, the last one is the post-purchase evaluation. Sales and lead generation can be easily imagined as a funnel. It is because the procedure entails looking with a multitude of names and potential customers, determining which of these names are practical as sales leads, then transforming these leads into consumers at the end.

It’s like being a 19th- century gold miner, shifting dirt via a channel to locate a nugget of gold. Your possibility is the nugget of gold at the top of our gold prospector’s track.

As gold undergoes a screen, your possibility starts as a lead; after that, using sales phone calls and follow-ups, they’re sieved via the channel up until you can transform them into a client.

The 5 essential elements you can make use of to win at list building and also ace your funnel strategy.

  • Find your lead loadstone
  • Plan your social media sites
  • Foolproof follow-ups
  • Network and also recommendations
  • Tracking your traffic


We hope you’ve found this guide helpful! After finishing this post, we decided to expand the training presented here into a 50+ modules Masterclass copywriting course. NOW the system is on a special offer, so if you’d like to create a lucrative copywriting career and become a six-figure copywriter, don’t hesitate to enroll!

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