Six Figures Writers is a unique online resource for innovative and aspiring copywriters. We are committed to providing life-changing tips, tools, courses, and training to assist writers, freelancers, copywriters, and local business owners in creating six-figure copywriting, and mainly achieve the occupations of their wildest dream and beyond!

Since 2017

Six Figures Writers has helped copywriters:

About The Founder

Hey there! My name is Tal Swisa. I’ve written for GoDaddy, Shopify, Ahrefs, and tons of other massive businesses.

I’m a World-Class Copywriter with 8+ years under my belt; I have my own office, a small (but effective) remote team, and generate six figures a month easily & effortlessly, working for myself and being my boss.

I’ve also skyrocketed my students up to $100k in monthly recurring revenue, 400%+ in website traffic, and 90%+ inbound leads from copywriting. Not so hard…

My mission is to assist you in writing a copy that converts so well; you’d swear a personal salesperson was following your customer!

Unleash your full potential, turn your dream into reality, and start your new journey now.

Everything is possible! Live La Dolce Vita 

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